Continuing Search for Fr. Rudy

On the 25th year of abduction and enforced disappearance of  BAYAN leader Fr. Rudy Romano,  we not only remember a human rights fighter but a true patriot.  On this day, we not only renew our firm commitment to continue the search for him but to fight for  the ideals he fought for and now represents.  For our search is not just a search for truth and justice for his sake but for hundreds of desaparecidos  in whose behalf he has become the symbol of.

But we should critically assess how we should go about in searching for justice.  We should exert a relentless effort to struggle for justice as this is the only way to carry on his legacy.  To fight for the rights of the oppressed and exploited is the only way we can be truthful  to our homage for him. In this way, we can always feel the presence of Fr. Rudy Romano  through the life of every victim of state repression we’ve helped.

Thus for Fr. Romano and the 26 desaparecidos in Cebu, we call on PNoy to honor his promise to be the opposite of Gloria Arroyo.  We challenge him to overcome the weakness of his mother’s reign and to rein in the military under a tight civilian control.###

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