Amnesty for disappeared Velasco and Calubid Insults families

December 7, 2010


Lorena P. Santos – Deputy Secretary General, Desaparecidos


Amnesty for disappeared Velasco and Calubid insults families

“The Office of the President should stop using my father’s name, Leo Velasco and Prudencio Calubid’s to trophy its proposed amnesty,” Lorena P. Santos, daughter of Velasco and deputy secretary general of Families of the Disappeared for Justice said as a response to the President’s Amnesty Proclamation.

The Office of the President recently came up with a list of persons who may apply for amnesty. Included in this list are the Magdalo soldiers who staged a mutiny three years ago. Velasco, Calubid and other alleged rebels are also mentioned in this list.

Velasco and Calubid are victims of enforced disappearances who have been missing since 2007 and 2006, respectively. Both are consultants

for the National Democratic Front of the Philippines to the peace process. Calubid and Velasco are two of the 11 NDFP consultants and staffs who are enforcedly disappeared.

“The Presidential Proclamation for amnesty to these people is an insult for us families who continue to search for them,” Santos says. “We have long been in search for our missing fathers and justice have never been rendered,” she adds.

Santos explains that, “It is the government’s scheme of criminalizing the political beliefs of people like Velasco and Calubid that, I believe, made them as victims of enforced disappearances and now as basis of amnesty.”

Santos also believes that this is the government’s way to deny its responsibility to address the issue

of human rights violations. Worst, enforced disappearances continue to happen with a record of two cases within the first six months of PNoy’s regime.

Santos reiterates by saying, “This administration should stop enforced disappearances, surface all the victims and render justice!”


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