Mrs. Edita Burgos’ Open Letter to Maj. Harry Baliaga

Dear Mr. Baliaga,

Yes, I address you as “dear” because I look at you as a son of my Father. And since we have one father, then you are my brother.

I write because I know—for many reasons, security being the foremost—that the chances are remote that we will be able to meet and talk one-on-one.

I am not afraid to face you. Truth is, I would really want to look at your eyes as I ask you, “Where is my son? What have you done to him?” I want to see if the look you give me will deny or affirm your answer.

I write because, always, I live by what was taught me, that all must be given a chance to go back to Our Father if we have offended Him. Surely, logic tells me that you, in taking my son on that day, April 28, 2007 while he was having lunch, would not have acted on your own. Isn’t that how your system works? A superior orders his subordinates and a good soldier follows the order even if it is against the highest principle of life and freedom.

Tell me now…now that there is a chance that soon you will be behind bars…do you still see following orders in the same perspective?

I offer you this chance to redress this violation of a God-given right to be free.

Tell me, who has ordered you to get my Jonas? Give those who ordered him taken the chance to correct their ways.

Harry, listen to the innermost voice of your heart and correct the wrong done to this mother. Tell me where I can find my son. Do not wait when it is too late, when the consequences of an evil act will have been felt not only by you but by the next generations, for did He not promise “the sins of the father will be visited upon the heads of his children.”

I pray that you would take this opportunity to reflect and reveal the truth. The Lord in His Mercy calls all of us sinners back to Him. He will receive us with His fatherly love if we repent.

On Sunday, the feast of the Divine Mercy, I shall pray that you will be enlightened to tell the truth so that I can finally find Jonas.
May the Holy Spirit fill your heart and the hearts of the perpetrators of human rights violations. May you all be led to amend your ways. Lord have mercy on them. Lord have mercy on you.

Your Sister in Christ,
Edita T. Burgos


On March 16, 2011, the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), led by Commissioner Jose Manuel Mamauag, submitted its investigation report on Jonas Burgos’ abduction to the Supreme Court. The CHR was able to identify one of the abductors, then 1st Lt. now Major Harry Baliaga, Jr. of the Philippine Army. Baliaga was positively identified by the witnesses of Jonas’ abduction. The CHR submitted their report to the Supreme Court recommending the ff:

1. To DIRECT the Department of Justice (DOJ) to immediately admit “witnesses” to the Witness Protection Program
2. To DIRECT the DOJ to file Kidnapping/Enforced Disappearance and/or Arbitrary Detention against 1st Lt., now, Major Harry Baliaga, Jr.
3. To DIRECT the DOJ to cause filing of Obstruction of Justice against the “PNP” witnesses, Meliza Reyes, Marlon Manuel and Emerito Lipio for giving false or fabricated information to the Criminal Investigation and Dectection Group, Philippine National Police
4. To DIRECT, Maj. Baliaga, the 56th IB of the Philippine Army and the 7th IB at Fort Magsaysay to produce the living body of Jonas Burgos, before the Supreme Court.

On April 19th, Department of Justice Secretary Leila De Lima ordered Prosecutor General Claro Arellano to ccordinate with the CHR and conduct a preliminary investigation on the commission’s findings.


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