Preliminary Investigation of Jonas’ Case at DOJ

Repost from Jonas’ brother:

Today, May 28, 2012, the Department of Justice will start their Preliminary Investigation of the case filed last year by the Burgos family against Maj. Harry Baliaga Jr together with Lt. Col. Melquiades Feliciano, Col. Eduardo Ano and several John and Jane Does for the charges of kidnapping and Arbitrary Illega Detention. Retired Generals, namely Gen Hermogenes Esperon, Gen. Romeo Tolentino, Gen. Alexander Yano and Gen. Avelino Razon was also charged with obstruction of apprehension and prosecution of criminal offenders (obstruction of Justice). The picture below is the sketch of Maj. Baliaga Jr. drawn by my brother sonny at the hearing at the Court of Appeals last May 24.

Courtroom sketch of Maj. Harry Baliaga Jr. He was positively identified by a witness as one of the abductors of Jay(Jonas).


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